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Red Clover Commons II – Blower Door Test
July 26, 2021 Energy Efficiency

Red Clover Commons II – Blower Door Test

Our Red Clover project rocked the blower door test. The project goal number was 1300 cfm50 to achieve 0.05 cfm50 per square foot. The goal number for the Efficiency Vermont program was 2500 cfm50. Final number was 1000 cfm50.
(For some additional context, 1000 CFM puts the building at about 0.038 CFM50/SF compared to the target of 0.05. US Passive House is 0.06 CFM50/SF so this building is about 40% tighter than Passive House standards.)
Congrats to Matt Nutting and his team for the great job on this building shell!
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