Constructing buildings, partnerships and relationships with integrity since 1879

Construction Management

Our company primarily operates as a Construction Manager at Risk.

As a CM, we team with the owner, architect, and engineers to jointly deliver a quality project on or ahead of schedule and within budget.

We value both the owner and A/E interests.  We work well with others.

Our objective is total satisfaction.

We recognize maintaining our reliable reputation is extremely important to our future.

As a CM, we work openly, while believing transparency has been an important key to our success.


Travis joined HPC in 2013. He graduated from Vermont Technical College with an Associate’s Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering and a Bachelor’s of Science in Construction Management.  He drives an electric car to job sites, which has saved an estimated 950+ pounds of CO2 being dispersed into the atmosphere as of April 2017.  He enjoys hunting, fishing, maple wine making, and learning about technology.