Constructing buildings, partnerships and relationships with integrity since 1879


Herbert P Cummings founded our company in Ware, Massachusetts in 1879.

“Mr. Cummings established an enviable reputation for diligence and integrity that lives on within the present organization.” – Benjamin Harrington Jr., President 2003-2017

The firm grew rapidly and by 1890 it was working throughout the northeast, building large industrial facilities, bridges and hydro development projects. By 1920 the emphasis changed from heavy industry to general building for manufacturing plants, churches, banks, schools, colleges, universities and hospitals. During our early years the company maintained offices in Boston MA, Burlington and Middlebury VT, Woodsville NH, Winthrop and Portland ME along with Glens Falls NY.

In 1935 we established three divisions to concentrate on work in western Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.  In 2015 we closed our Winthrop, ME division and currently maintain offices in Woodsville, NH and Ware, MA.

The company operated as a General Contractor, self-performing concrete and masonry work in addition to general carpentry, through the 1970’s. During the 70’s we began to take on work as a Construction Manager/Constructor. By the mid 1980’s approximately 50% of our workload was performed as a Construction Manager. The percentage of our construction management work increased steadily. Although we remain active in the bidding market, recently over 99% of our work follows a construction management form of delivery.