Constructing buildings, partnerships and relationships with integrity since 1879

Our History

Herbert P Cummings founded our company in Ware, Massachusetts in 1879.

“Mr. Cummings established an enviable reputation for diligence and integrity that lives on within the present organization.” – Benjamin Harrington Jr., President 2003-2017

The firm grew rapidly and by 1890 it was working throughout the northeast, building large industrial facilities, bridges and hydro development projects. By 1920 the emphasis changed from heavy industry to general building for manufacturing plants, churches, banks, schools, colleges, universities and hospitals. During our early years the company maintained offices in Boston MA, Burlington and Middlebury VT, Woodsville NH, Winthrop and Portland ME along with Glens Falls NY.

In 1935 we established three divisions to concentrate on work in western Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.  In 2015 we closed our Winthrop, ME division and currently maintain offices in Woodsville, NH and Ware, MA.

The company operated as a General Contractor, self-performing concrete and masonry work in addition to general carpentry, through the 1970’s. During the 70’s we began to take on work as a Construction Manager/Constructor. By the mid 1980’s approximately 50% of our workload was performed as a Construction Manager. The percentage of our construction management work increased steadily. Although we remain active in the bidding market, recently over 99% of our work follows a construction management form of delivery.

HP Cummings original desk

The original desk of Herbert P Cummings still in use today in our Ware office.

This map can be found in our Woodsville Office.  The colored coded pins depict all of the various types of jobs and locations that HP Cummings Construction Company has completed since our establishment in 1879.

Past Milestones

  • Company Established

    Company Established

    Company established by Mr. Herbert P. Cummings in Ware, Massachusetts under the name of H. P. Cummings and Co. From 1879 to 1901 and executed construction contracts all over Massachusetts and elsewhere.

  • First projects

    The first projects were residences for F. N. Hosmer and Wm. H. Hall

  • Ware Office Property Conveyance

    Ware Office Property Conveyance

    Ware office property conveyed to Herbert P. Cummings by Dwight F. Mash

  • Worthy Hotel

    Worthy Hotel (six stories) in Springfield, Mass. with add’n three stories in 1905.

  • First Corporation

    The first corporation was formed, H. P. Cummings Construction Company. Mr. Herbert P. Cummings as president and treasurer. This company operated as widely as the first company and maintained a Boston office for several years.

  • Corporate Difficulties

    The corporation got into difficulties in 1905 and 1906 by undertaking a speculative contract (The Canterbury Hotel) and others. The present name of H.P. Cummings Construction Company was adopted and a corporation formed with international paper company as a major stockholder.

  • Opened Branch Office

    Opened a branch office in Woodsville, New Hampshire.

  • Authorized in New York

    Authorized to do business in the state of New York.

  • Addition and Alterations

    Addition and Alterations

    Dixville Notch Corp. addition and alterations.

  • Authorized in Connecticut

    Authorized to do business in the state of Connecticut.

  • Hydroelectric Plant

    Rumford Falls, ME Hydroelectric 13,000 HP plant

  • Authorized in Vermont

    Authorized to do business in the state of Vermont.

  • Maine Branch

    Opened a branch office in Portland, Maine.

  • First Government Contract

    First Government Contract – Barracks at Fort Constitution in Portsmouth, NH.

  • Closed Maine Branch

    Closed branch office in Portland, Maine.

  • French House

    French House Middlebury College.

  • Change in Treasurer

    Herbert P. Cummings resigned as Treasurer.

    Benjamin V. Davis elected as Treasurer and Director.

  • Established

    Established H.P. Cummings Construction Co. of New Hampshire.

  • New President

    Herbert P. Cummings resigned as President and Director.

    He was replaced by C. D. Marsh as Director and Benjamin V. Davis as President.

  • Death

    Herbert P. Cummings died.

  • New Maine Branch

    Opened a branch office in Winthrop, Maine.

  • Municipal Building

    Municipal building Barre, VT.

  • Established in Maine

    Established H. P. Cummings Construction Co. of Maine.

  • Land Purchase

    Stockholders approved purchase of land (2 lots) in Woodsville, NH.

  • Retirement & New Leadership

    Ben Davis Retired.

    Ben Harrington, Sr. becomes President

    (pictured above Benjamin Harrington Sr.)





  • Phillips Exeter Academy

    Phillips Exeter Academy Louis I. Kahn, Architect

  • Largest Contract To Date

    Signed the largest single contract in the history of H.P.C.C.C for construction of the Easter Maine Medical Center in Bangor, ME. $13,678,541.00

  • Cathedral Church

    Cathedral Church of St. Paul in Burlington, VT.

  • Death

    Benjamin V. Davis passed away.

  • State of Vermont Pavilion Building Addition

    State of Vermont Pavilion Building Addition

    State of Vermont Pavilion Addition & Supreme Court Renovations

  • St. Paul’s Library

    St. Paul’s Library

    St. Paul’s School built in Concord, NH.

  • University of Vermont Art & Science Complex

    University of Vermont Art & Science Complex

    University of Vermont Art & Science Complex

  • Littleton Regional Hospital

    Littleton Regional Hospital

    Littleton Regional Hospital in Littleton, NH

  • Echo Center

    Echo Center

    Echo Center for Lake Champlain 1st LEED rated project in Vermont

  • Leadership Changes

    Benjamin D. Harrington Sr. redeems his stock.

    Benjamin Jr., Jim and John Harrington become majority owners.

    Benjamin Jr. provides leadership,

  • Grafton County Nursing Home

    Grafton County Nursing Home

    Grafton County Nursing Home

  • Resignation

    Jim Harrington redeems his stock and resigns.

  • New Largest Contract To Date

    Maine General Medical Center joint venture with Robin & Morton, HPC share $74,830,199.00 making this the largest contract to date.

  • Dept of Corrections

    Dept of Corrections Grafton County N. Haverhill, NH.


  • Resignation

    John Harrington redeems stock and resigns. Benjamin Harrington Jr. takes full leadership of H.P. Cummings

    (pictured above Ben Harrington Jr.)

  • Winthrop Closure

    Winthrop, ME office closed.

  • Leadership Changes

    Ben Harrington, Jr. retired.

    Mike Hulbert and Dan Smith become Principals and Owners.



    (pictured above Mike, Ben & Dan )

  • New Vermont Branch

    Opened new branch office in Waterbury, VT.

  • Eagles Landing

    A new downtown housing building for Champlain College, this building houses 314 students in 105 units. Built on a single city block, the construction included a lot of coordination between HPC, the city and the neighbors. Currently, 4 retail spaces are being opened up on the ground level to help enhance the city block.

  • 140 years

    H. P. Cummings celebrating 140 years.