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An Atmosphere of Teamwork

At H.P. Cummings, team continuity means that we all “buy in” on a project; this minimizes confusion and enhances our team performance. Team continuity builds a base for the next project where team members no longer need an introduction to one another, and lessons learned throughout the project ensure superior execution.

We believe in continuity as our primary approach to any project. To us, this process is invaluable. We encourage all key personnel to be involved in the project from preconstruction to warranty. A constant team ensures no losses in knowledge or understanding of a project, including issues, which creates a sense of ownership for potential problems during the bidding and buy-out process.

Ownership from all creates trust, which allows for a smooth construction process. We focus on and represent everyone’s best interests in completing a successful project, starting with our leadership team.


Dan joined HP Cummings in 1987 after he graduated from Vermont Technical College and earned an Associate’s Degree in Civil Engineering. Outside of work, Dan’s time is spent with family, coaching, being outdoors as much as possible, and serving on local boards.


Travis joined HP Cummings in 2007 as an assistant project manager after earning his Associate’s Degree in Construction Management at Vermont Technical College. Travis brings more than 20 years of experience in the industry to the leadership team and over 15 years with HP Cummings. Travis started with the HP Cummings team in high school and worked part-time in the field through college. Travis has since moved into the office as a project manager and has gained years of experience in the housing, retail, education, & commercial industries. He resides in central Vermont with his wife and two children and has a great passion for the outdoors.