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Woolson Block

Woolson Block

Springfield, Vermont

Project Type: Housing

The Woolson Block, a prominent 150-year-old historic building in downtown Springfield, has undergone a remarkable renovation led by Springfield Housing Authority and Evernorth. With the expertise of H.P. Cummings Construction Company, the building has been transformed into a dynamic space that harmoniously blends commercial storefronts, 15 rental apartments, and transitional housing for homeless and at-risk youth. This comprehensive project not only preserved the building’s historical significance but also addressed the pressing need for affordable housing in the Springfield area.

The renovated Woolson Block now stands as a vibrant symbol of community revitalization, offering a mix of studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments with convenient elevator access. The project also includes four commercial storefronts that contribute to the local economy. Additionally, the establishment of a four-unit transitional housing program, equipped with comprehensive social services and a dedicated supervisor, provides crucial support for homeless and at-risk young adults.

By successfully merging historical preservation with modern functionality, the Woolson Block exemplifies the community’s commitment to both preserving its architectural heritage and meeting the demand for affordable housing. This collaborative effort between Springfield Housing Authority, Evernorth, and H.P. Cummings Construction Company has breathed new life into the building, resulting in a thriving space that fosters community development and improves the quality of life for its residents. The completion of this transformative project signifies a significant milestone in the revitalization of downtown Springfield, making the Woolson Block a shining example of successful adaptive reuse and community-driven initiatives.

“The Woolson Block represents a significant step in the revitalization of downtown Springfield from its old machine tool factory days to a modern infrastructure that attracts and retains younger people to our beautiful downtown where they can live safely and affordably. Both the housing and commercial spaces will contribute directly to Springfield’s continued economic revitalization through property tax revenue, the provision of goods and services, and new affordable housing.”

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