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Opera Block Housing Renovations

Woodsville, New Hampshire

Project Type: Housing and Historic

H.P. Cummings Construction Company, in collaboration with architect Black River Design Architects, successfully completed the Opera Block Housing Renovations project for AHEAD, Inc. This project involved the renovation of an occupied facility that comprised 34 units and a community area, catering to seniors or individuals with disabilities.

The scope of the renovations was extensive and aimed at improving the overall functionality and energy efficiency of the building. The elevator underwent a thorough overhaul, ensuring safe and reliable transportation for residents. The heating and ventilation systems were replaced, providing enhanced comfort and air quality throughout the facility. Electrical upgrades were implemented to meet modern standards.

To promote sustainability, an underground oil storage tank was eliminated, and numerous energy upgrades were performed. This included the installation of new windows, energy-efficient kitchen cabinets and appliances, water-saving plumbing fixtures, and new flooring and paint. Additionally, solar panels were installed on the roof to generate hot water for the building, reducing energy consumption.

Throughout the project, great care was taken to preserve the historical integrity of the property. The lower-level community space underwent renovations that respected and maintained the original building’s historical details, ensuring a harmonious blend of modern amenities and historic charm.

Olivia Beleau, representing AHEAD, expressed her appreciation for the project, stating:

“Attention to detail and not disturbing the historic fabric of the properties was critical. You all did a great job on that!”

The Opera Block Housing Renovations project stands as a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and commitment to preserving architectural heritage demonstrated by H.P. Cummings Construction Company. Working closely with AHEAD, Inc., and architect Black River Design Architects, we successfully transformed the facility into a comfortable and energy-efficient living space while maintaining its historical significance.

H.P. Cummings Construction Company remains dedicated to delivering outstanding construction projects that meet the unique needs of our clients, uphold the highest standards of quality, and preserve the cultural heritage of the communities we serve.

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