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Springfield Community Health Center

Springfield, Vermont

Project Type: Health Care and Historic

The Springfield Community Health Center is situated in the historic Fellows Gear Shaper Company building, which holds significance as a former employer of 20,000 workers during World War II. Adjacent to the Black River, the building features a walking bridge that connects it to the main road, spanning over the river.

During the construction phase, our team undertook the demolition of various outbuildings and the renovation of 32,700 square feet of the mill into a state-of-the-art medical office building. A unique and innovative river water heat exchange system was installed as the heating system for the facility. Additionally, we enhanced the parking area, improved pedestrian and vehicular circulation, and revitalized the exterior facade of the building. It is important to note that the project site was classified as a brownfield site, which contained contaminants such as chlorinated solvents, petroleum, and polychlorinated biphenyl compounds.

The project, known as the Springfield Community Health Center, was commissioned by Springfield Medical Care Systems. Joseph Architects contributed to the architectural design, while our company served as the construction manager, ensuring the successful execution of the project from start to finish.

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