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Psychiatric Services Inpatient Unit at Rutland Regional Medical Center

Rutland, Vermont

Project Type: Green Building and General

We take immense pride in our construction management project at Rutland Regional Medical Center, where we successfully renovated the Psychiatric Services Inpatient Unit. This intricate 11,000 sq. ft. renovation involved the east wing, west wing, and north wing of the hospital, carefully broken down into phased work to ensure the space remained operational throughout the construction process.

Our team embarked on Phase 1A, which entailed the renovation of the new conference room, entrance, and reception areas in the East wing to accommodate the addition of new psych rooms. Simultaneously, we revitalized the West wing Dining/Activity room, enhancing the overall patient experience.

Phase 1B focused on constructing three new psych bedrooms with bathrooms to offset temporary room closures during renovations in the North and West wings. To facilitate this seamless transition, we set up a temporary nursing station adjacent to the existing one and relocated corridor doors for improved access.

Phases 2 through 2F concentrated on transforming patient rooms, including the installation of new showers and reconfiguring double rooms into more comfortable single rooms for enhanced patient comfort and care.

In Phase 3, we demolished the temporary nurses’ station, making way for a state-of-the-art Dining and Activity space that elevates patient amenities and contributes to their overall well-being.

Throughout the project, we demonstrated precision, dedication, and commitment to patient care. By executing a meticulous phased approach and fostering open communication with hospital staff, we successfully revitalized the Psychiatric Services Inpatient Unit while maintaining uninterrupted medical services.

The Rutland Regional Medical Center’s Psychiatric Services Inpatient Unit renovation exemplifies our construction management expertise, compassion, and dedication to our clients and their patients. Partner with us for your next healthcare construction project and experience the difference in delivering excellence, one phase at a time.

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