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Richmond Terrace, Senior Living Renovations

Richmond, Vermont

Project Type: Housing

Richmond Terrace, Senior Living Renovations, involved the transformation of 16 living units along with the addition of community spaces. The focus was on upgrading the structure’s insulation, encompassing the walls, attic, and slab edge, resulting in improved energy efficiency. The implementation of a new primary mechanical system utilizing air source heat pumps further contributed to sustainable heating and cooling solutions.

To promote sustainability, photovoltaics were installed to offset the increased electrical load, and new LED lighting was integrated throughout the building to reduce overall electricity consumption. The new fully electric heating and cooling system brings the project closer to achieving a Net Zero energy goal in the future, further aligning with the principles of environmental responsibility.

In recognition of its outstanding achievements in commercial building design and construction, this project received the prestigious Efficiency Vermont Better Building by Design Honor Award.

The successful realization of the Richmond Terrace project was made possible through the collaboration of Duncan Wisniewski Architects, Cathedral Square Corporation, and H.P. Cummings Construction Company, showcasing their commitment to creating sustainable, energy-efficient, and comfortable living spaces for the senior community.

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