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Heartbeet Lifesharing Community Center

Hardwick, Vermont

Project Type: General
  • OWNER: Heartbeet Lifesharing Corp.
  • ARCHITECT: Joseph Architects
  • CIVIL ENGINEER: Marsh Engineering Services
  • STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: Artisan Engineering
  • CONSTRUCTION COST: $1.7 Million
  • COMPLETED: 2016

This project consisted of a new 6,500 SF community center with offices, a stage, a theater hall, a commercial kitchen, and a library. The owner supplied lumber harvested from their land for all siding and interior trims. Design/build MEP.”

Jonathan Gilbert, representing Heartbeet Lifesharing Corp., expressed his utmost satisfaction with the project outcome and the partnership with HP Cummings. He stated, “HP Cummings not only kept their commitment to high-quality construction, they also met the completion date and built for us a beautiful Community Center that we love. HP’s team was always available, flexible, and sincerely wanted to meet our needs. We together built friendships and a sense of community. We could not have wished for more, and we look forward to hopefully another construction project to have the opportunity to work together again.”

The Heartbeet Lifesharing Community Center project entailed the construction of a new and vibrant facility spanning 6,500 square feet. This community center was thoughtfully designed to accommodate various functions, including offices, a stage, a theater hall, a commercial kitchen, and a library. A remarkable aspect of this project was the owner’s commitment to sustainability, as they supplied lumber harvested from their own land for the siding and interior trims, adding a unique touch of local authenticity.

The construction process followed a design/build approach, ensuring seamless coordination of the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems. This integrated approach allowed for efficient and streamlined execution, resulting in a well-designed and functional community center.

The heartfelt testimonial from Jonathan Gilbert underscores the exceptional craftsmanship, strong relationships built, and the shared sense of community that emerged from the collaboration between HP Cummings and the Heartbeet Lifesharing Corp. The successful partnership delivered not only high-quality construction but also a space that fosters a sense of belonging and joy for the community. The dedication, flexibility, and genuine commitment of the HP Cummings team to meet the customer’s needs and create a positive construction experience shine through in every aspect of the Heartbeet Lifesharing Community Center project.

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Photo Credit: Top Kat