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Healthy Living Market

Healthy Living Market

Williston, Vermont

Project Type: General

The Healthy Living Market in Williston, VT, was an exciting project involving the construction of a brand-new commercial retail space spanning 32,188 square feet. Within this expansive space, 18,000 square feet were dedicated to the fit-up of the new Healthy Living Market, offering a vibrant and inviting environment for shoppers. The fit-up phase of the project encompassed various crucial elements, including MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) design-build, the implementation of a CO2 refrigeration system, meticulous coordination of all kitchen equipment, and the installation of a detailed interior design package.

In addition to the interior fit-up, extensive site work was carried out to create a functional and sustainable outdoor environment. This included the installation of multiple catch basins to ensure proper drainage, allowing for efficient stormwater management. As part of the project’s commitment to sustainability and forward-thinking, infrastructure for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations was incorporated, promoting the use of clean energy transportation. The use of permeable pavers further enhanced the site’s sustainability by facilitating natural water infiltration and minimizing stormwater runoff.

An exciting aspect of the Healthy Living Market project was the integration of edible gardens within the site. These gardens not only added a visually appealing touch but also provided an opportunity for customers to connect with nature and experience the joy of locally grown, fresh produce.

The Healthy Living Market in Williston, VT, stands as a testament to the commitment to creating a holistic and sustainable shopping experience. From the carefully designed interior space that prioritizes functionality and aesthetics to the incorporation of environmentally friendly site features, this project exemplifies the fusion of commerce, community, and conscious living. The Healthy Living Market offers a space where shoppers can explore a wide range of products while embracing the values of health, wellness, and sustainability.

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