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Eagles Landing at Champlain College

Burlington, Vermont

Project Type: Education
  • OWNER: Champlain College
  • ARCHITECT: Gardner Kilcoyne

The Eagles Landing is a six-story apartment building with 103 apartments, retail space, 65 public parking spaces, and other amenities. There are currently four businesses that rent out the first floor of the building from Champlain College. This property is also in close proximity to downtown Burlington, which makes it favorable to students. The building was constructed with the hopes to provide more housing for students in order to help with the housing situation in Burlington.

H.P. Cummings Construction Company had to conduct multiple coordination meetings with the City of Burlington and its neighbors to ensure public safety and resolve any issues. Some of those issues included parking, the project site’s proximity to the power lines and roadway, and the exterior material choice. One advantage to the construction process was the use of the DensElement Barrier system, which saved us time and money as a complete barrier system.

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