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Huden Dining Hall Renovations

Castleton, Vermont

Project Type: Education

This project involved both a small addition and renovations to the dining space, totaling 10,106 square feet. The construction took place during the summer recess while a portion of the space remained occupied. Throughout the construction period, the kitchen and a section of the dining area remained operational, allowing students, visitors, and facility members to continue accessing the dining hall for meals.

The scope of work for the dining hall included the installation of new finishes, the addition of restrooms, the creation of three new offices, significant upgrades to the HVAC system, electrical enhancements, the establishment of a new main entry, the construction of a paved patio area for outdoor dining, the reconfiguration of walkways, the installation of new atrium windows, landscaping improvements, and renovations to the rear loading dock. These updates and additions aimed to enhance the functionality, aesthetics, and overall dining experience for the individuals utilizing the space.

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