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Wind NRG Systems, Addition

Hinesburg, Vermont

Project Type: Green Building and General
  • OWNER: Wind NRG Systems
  • ARCHITECT: Maclay Architects
  • CIVIL & STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: Engineering Ventures
  • LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT: TJ Boyle Associates
  • MEP ENGINEER: LN Consulting
  • ENERGY CONSULTANT: Energy Balance
  • LIGHTING CONSULTANT: Naomi Miller Lighting Design
  • CM CONSULTANT: Erickson Consulting
  • CONSTRUCTION COST: $6.6 Million
  • COMPLETED: 2010
  • AWARDS: 2005 AIA New Hampshire, Excellence in Sustainable Design Award, 2004 AIA Vermont, Honor Award, 2012 Vermont Green Building Network, Vermont’s Going Green Award (Commercial), 2009 Efficiency Vermont- Better Buildings by Design, First Place in Large Building Category, 2005 Illuminating Engineering Society Design Award of Merit, 2005 Environmental Excellence in Environmental Stewardship & Resource Protection, Vermont’s Governor’s Award, and LEED Gold Certification

This noteworthy addition to the manufacturing and administrative space of wind NRG, which spaned 31,474 square feet, was undertaken with a strong emphasis on achieving high energy conservation. All aspects of the construction were meticulously reviewed and implemented to promote sustainability. Notable features included solar trackers, roof-mounted photovoltaic systems, geothermal wells, and a well-sealed envelope, all contributing to energy efficiency. Water conservation measures such as dual-flush toilets, ground source cooling, and effective stormwater management were also incorporated, ensuring both water quality and savings.

Environmental consciousness extended to the selection of materials used in the project. Earth-friendly and healthy materials, including low and no-VOC adhesives, concrete flooring, and sustainably harvested wood furniture, were chosen, aligning with the project’s commitment to sustainability. Furthermore, the indoor air quality was prioritized through natural ventilation, operable windows, indoor plants, and the use of low and no-VOC materials.

The remarkable efforts put forth in this project were duly recognized, as evidenced by its achievement of LEED Gold certification and the prestigious Efficiency Vermont Better Buildings by Design award, specifically First Place in the Large Buildings category. These accolades underscored the project’s outstanding commitment to sustainable design, energy efficiency, and environmental stewardship.

Wind NRG Systems, as the owner, demonstrated its dedication to sustainable practices and renewable energy by spearheading this project. Maclay Architects, renowned for their expertise in sustainable design, served as the architect, contributing their innovative approach and visionary thinking. As the construction manager, our team played a crucial role in ensuring the successful execution of the project, overseeing the implementation of sustainable practices, and coordinating the various aspects of the construction process.

In summary, the manufacturing and administrative space addition project exemplified a commitment to energy conservation and sustainability. Wind NRG Systems, as the owner, partnered with Maclay Architects to create an environmentally conscious and high-performing facility. The achievement of LEED Gold certification and the Efficiency Vermont Better Buildings by Design award showcased the project’s excellence in sustainable design. As the construction manager, our team worked alongside the owner and architect to bring this vision to life, implementing sustainable features and ensuring the project’s success.

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