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Winchester Place Apartments

Colchester, VT

Project Type: Housing

The scope of work for this project encompassed a range of improvements to 148 occupied apartments at Winchester Place Apartments, undertaken for Evernorth (formerly Housing Vermont). The upgrades included window replacements, heating system upgrades, minor interior renovations, and extensive site improvements. Collaborating with Scott & Partners Architects, who served as the architect for the project, our team proudly fulfilled the role of the construction manager.

The primary focus of the project was to enhance the quality and functionality of the occupied apartments. Window replacements were carried out to improve energy efficiency, enhance natural lighting, and contribute to the overall comfort of the residents. Heating system upgrades were implemented to ensure optimal performance, promoting a cozy living environment for the occupants. Additionally, minor interior renovations were undertaken to refresh and update the apartments, improving their aesthetic appeal and functionality.

In conjunction with the interior improvements, extensive site enhancements were made to create a welcoming and attractive environment for the residents. These site improvements aimed to improve accessibility, enhance landscaping, and upgrade common areas, fostering a sense of community and pride among the residents.

Evernorth, formerly known as Housing Vermont, spearheaded this project, demonstrating their commitment to providing quality affordable housing options. Collaborating with Scott & Partners Architects, the design and planning phase ensured that the improvements aligned with the needs and preferences of the residents, while adhering to industry standards and regulations.

As the construction manager, our team played a crucial role in overseeing the project from start to finish. We coordinated and supervised the construction activities, ensuring that the work was executed efficiently and in accordance with the specifications. Our focus on delivering high-quality results and maintaining a safe and occupied environment was paramount throughout the entire construction process.

In summary, the Winchester Place Apartments project involved comprehensive improvements to 148 occupied units, covering window replacements, heating upgrades, minor interior renovations, and extensive site enhancements. Evernorth (formerly Housing Vermont) served as the project owner, with Scott & Partners Architects contributing their expertise as the project’s architect. As the construction manager, our team ensured the successful execution of the project, working collaboratively to enhance the living experience for the residents and create a vibrant community at Winchester Place Apartments.

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