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The Laurentide

The Laurentide

Burlington, Vermont

Project Type: Housing

A new construction project was undertaken to create 76 units of housing in a four-story structure. The building was constructed with a wood frame and featured a concrete and steel open parking garage. The total area of this panelized construction was approximately 110,000 square feet, and the entire project was completed within a span of 14 months.

The exceptional performance of the Laurentide Apartments project was recognized with a Novel 40 award. This prestigious accolade acknowledged the team’s remarkable achievement of a 60% improvement in building envelope performance. The collaborative efforts of Evernorth (Formally Housing Vermont), Champlain Housing Trust, Duncan Wisniewski Architects, and HP Cummings, contributed to this outstanding result. Notably, the air sealing results at Laurentide surpassed the standards set by Passive House by an impressive margin of 66%.

Furthermore, the Laurentide Apartments team was honored as the first recipient of the Energy Equity Award. This recognition was bestowed upon them for their commitment to serving the community, particularly by providing affordable housing opportunities to individuals with lower incomes and those transitioning out of homelessness. The substantial improvements in energy consumption achieved by the project will greatly benefit individuals who currently allocate a disproportionate amount of their income toward meeting their energy needs.

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