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Red Clover Commons II

Red Clover Commons

Brattleboro, Vermont

Project Type: Housing

The Red Clover Commons II Project, located in Brattleboro, VT, involved the construction of 18 senior living apartments. This undertaking encompassed various essential elements, including the remediation of contaminated soils, stormwater control with retention ponds, concrete foundations, and panelized wood framing. To enhance environmental sustainability, the building was equipped with air-source heat pumps, significantly reducing its carbon footprint. Additionally, a high-efficiency and airtight envelope, along with solar panels covering the majority of the roof, were integrated into the design to further promote energy efficiency.

During the blower door test, the project aimed for a result of 1,300 CFM50, corresponding to 0.05 CFM50 per square foot. The Efficiency Vermont program set a goal of 2,500 CFM50 for this project. Remarkably, the final test result of the building surpassed expectations, achieving an outstanding 1,000 CFM50, exceeding both the project’s original goal and the Efficiency Vermont program’s target.

The Red Clover Commons II Project showcases the dedication to sustainability and innovation, providing modern and energy-efficient living spaces for the senior community in Brattleboro. Through the collaborative efforts of gbA Architecture & Planning, Brattleboro Housing Partnership, Evernorth (formerly Housing Vermont), and H.P. Cummings Construction Company, this project has successfully demonstrated the positive impact of environmentally conscious construction practices.

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