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Proctor Academy Outdoor Center

Proctor Academy: Outdoor Center

Andover, New Hampshire

Project Type: Education

The newly constructed outdoor center spans an impressive 10,219 square feet, designed to accommodate various activities and needs. The first floor encompasses 5,767 square feet of versatile space. Within this area, you will find a well-equipped shop dedicated to servicing outdoor equipment and ski and bike locker space. There is also a flexible workspace with convenient workbenches for tuning and maintaining bikes, skis, snowboards, and other outdoor gear. To cater to the needs of winter sports enthusiasts, a dedicated wax room for skis and snowboards is included. The first floor further offers flexible storage space for bringing in and storing outdoor equipment, along with a conference room, a climbing wall, and locker rooms for coaches and teachers.

Ascending to the second floor, you will discover an additional 4,452 square feet of storage space. This floor is designed with functionality in mind, featuring a wire mesh screen and door system that securely separates storage spaces. Each designated storage area is equipped with built-in rack systems to ensure the safe and organized storage of kayaks, bikes, camping gear, ski/snowboard equipment, and other essential items utilized in outdoor programs.

The outdoor center has been meticulously planned and constructed to provide Proctor Academy with a comprehensive facility that caters to the diverse needs of its outdoor programs. With its well-designed spaces, dedicated work areas, secure storage options, and specialized amenities, the center is poised to enhance the outdoor experience for students, coaches, and teachers alike.

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