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Vermont Technical College: New Campus Center

Randolph, Vermont

Project Type: Education and Green Building

The primary focus of this project was the addition of approximately 14,000 square feet dedicated to food service, lounge, and physical fitness facilities. Notably, the project achieved LEED Gold certification, showcasing its commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Efficiency Vermont Better Buildings by Design recognized the project’s excellence in the renovation and retrofit category, awarding it the prestigious “First Place” distinction. This recognition highlights the project’s exceptional achievements in improving energy efficiency and overall performance.

Banwell Architects, known for their expertise in architectural design, was commissioned by Vermont Technical College to lead the construction of the addition. Their objective was to enhance the amenities and visibility of the existing pool and fitness facility, which had previously been overlooked on the periphery of the campus. Banwell Architects strategically designed the fitness center addition to seamlessly integrate with the main campus, incorporating a prominent walkway that would guide visitors to the facility.

The new facility boasts a range of features designed to enhance user experience. Upgraded gym spaces and amenities ensure improved services and comfort, while the addition of indoor and outdoor eating and gathering spaces fosters community engagement. Taking advantage of the southern views and passive solar energy, the south-facing design optimizes natural resources. The unique one-story design artfully accommodates the sloped landscape, creating an appealing multi-level effect.

The project was successfully executed with the construction management expertise of HP Cummings. Their diligent oversight ensured the smooth implementation of the design, adherence to timelines, and attention to detail.

Students, faculty, and the community now benefit from improved access to both indoor and outdoor spaces, along with breathtaking views of the natural mountain scenery from the fitness center. The enhanced integration of the facility with the main campus makes it more accessible for all users, promoting inclusivity and engagement.

In summary, the addition to Vermont Technical College, led by Banwell Architects and facilitated by HP Cummings as the construction manager, has significantly improved the food service, lounge, and physical fitness facilities. With its LEED Gold certification and recognition for outstanding renovation and retrofit efforts, the project exemplifies a commitment to sustainability. Banwell Architects’ thoughtful design approach, combined with the construction management expertise of HP Cummings, has created a facility that seamlessly blends with the main campus, provides enhanced amenities, and fosters a sense of connection and engagement among students, faculty, and the community.

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Photo credit Gary Hall