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Rutland Regional Medical Center: Meditation Room

Rutland, Vermont

Project Type: Health Care

The Rutland Regional Medical Center – Meditation Room is located on the first floor, within the hospital’s “Main Street” corridor. Designed as a tranquil sanctuary, this space offers a serene and peaceful environment for patients, families, and staff to contemplate or have quiet conversations with loved ones, social workers, or healthcare providers. The atmosphere is thoughtfully created to be comfortable, soothing, and non-denominational, promoting a sense of calm and reflection.

The construction of the Meditation Room was carefully executed while the hospital and Main Street corridor remained operational. Temporary barriers were implemented to minimize disruption and contain construction activities within a specific area. Our team and subcontractors successfully demolished the existing space to make way for the Wolk Meditation Room, incorporating all-new finishes such as painting, wallpaper, flooring, wall paneling, translucent wall panels, and a wood slat ceiling. Additionally, a new speaker system, adjustable lighting, and ample outlets were installed to enhance the functionality and ambiance of the room. The mechanical system was upgraded to ensure optimal heating and cooling for the comfort of occupants.

“I just want to take a minute to officially thank you for the awesome work in the Meditation Center at RRMC. Honestly, your level of effort, the time you spend on all of the details, the way you have just quickly learned about how we like things, your communication, your positive attitude and the love and caring you put into this project has been exceptional. The family for whom this Meditation Center is dedicated and the donors are so impressed with you and your team. They firsthand saw the love and caring you put into the project as they stopped by from time to time. Thank you for making every detail perfect and for the passion you have leading your team. I am incredibly proud that you are part of our team and so happy to work and learn from you. On behalf of all of us at RRMC – superb job done! Thank you so much!” – Mary Nemeth, VP of Corporate Support Services, Rutland Regional Medical Center

Mary Nemeth, VP of Corporate Support Services at Rutland Regional Medical Center, expressed her gratitude and appreciation for the outstanding work done on the Meditation Center project. Her heartfelt message commended our company for our meticulous attention to detail, dedication, excellent communication, positive attitude, and compassionate approach. The family for whom the Meditation Center is dedicated, as well as the donors, were impressed by the team’s commitment and care. Mary Nemeth conveyed her pride in having us as part of their team and thanked them for their exceptional work.

As the Construction Manager, we worked closely with the architect, Lavallee Brensinger Architects, and the owner, Rutland Regional Medical Center, to bring the vision of the Meditation Room to life. The collaborative efforts of all parties involved resulted in the successful completion of a remarkable space that offers solace and tranquility to those who utilize it.

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