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Long Term Care Addition & Cottage Construction

Shelburne, Vermont

Project Type: Health Care

The project entailed the construction of a nursing home addition spanning approximately 25,900 square feet, along with the development of cottages covering approximately 95,700 square feet. Furthermore, renovations were carried out in existing multi-purpose spaces, amounting to approximately 6,120 square feet. This comprehensive endeavor included owner customizations and value engineering measures to optimize cost reduction. Wake Robin Retirement Community served as the owner of the project, with The Burley Partnership acting as the architect. Our team proudly fulfilled the role of the construction manager.

Wake Robin Retirement Community, as the owner, sought to expand their facilities through this project. The addition of a nursing home, spacious cottages, and renovated multi-purpose spaces aimed to enhance the living experience for the residents and cater to their evolving needs. The owner’s customizations allowed for a personalized touch, ensuring that the spaces were tailored to meet the specific requirements and preferences of the community.

In collaboration with The Burley Partnership, the architect for the project, meticulous planning and design were carried out to achieve the desired outcome. The architectural expertise, combined with the owner’s vision, ensured that the structures were aesthetically pleasing, functional, and created an inviting atmosphere for the residents.

As the construction manager, our team was responsible for overseeing and coordinating the entire project. From managing the construction process to ensuring quality control and timely completion, we facilitated the smooth execution of the project. Our commitment to value engineering played a vital role in optimizing costs without compromising on the overall quality and functionality of the facilities.

In summary, the Wake Robin project encompassed the construction of a nursing home addition, the development of cottages, and the renovation of multi-purpose spaces. Wake Robin Retirement Community, in collaboration with The Burley Partnership, worked diligently to bring their vision to life. As the construction manager, our team ensured the successful execution of the project, incorporating owner customizations and cost-reduction value engineering. The end result was a testament to the collective efforts of the owner, architect, and construction manager in creating an enhanced living environment for the Wake Robin community.

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