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Kelley's Field EXTERIOR 2

Kelley’s Field Apartments

Hinesburg, VT

Project Type: Housing

The Kelley’s Field Apartments project involved the renovation of two buildings, owned by Cathedral Square Corporation and Evernorth (formerly Housing Vermont), which comprised 24 units of elderly housing. This initiative aimed to enhance the living conditions for the residents while implementing sustainable and energy-efficient practices. Throughout the project, great care was taken to ensure minimal disruption to the residents, as the buildings remained occupied during the renovation process.

The scope of work encompassed multiple aspects, including site paving, energy improvements, and general repairs. Various measures were implemented to enhance energy efficiency, such as installing new windows, doors, roofing, insulation, boilers, ventilation systems, and electrical enhancements. These upgrades were carefully coordinated among the project team, which included HP Cummings Construction, the owner, the architect, engineers, and a weatherization contractor. The project aimed to create a more sustainable and energy-efficient housing facility by working collaboratively.

In pursuit of sustainability goals, a weatherization contractor was specifically engaged by the owners to optimize the energy performance of the buildings. This collaboration resulted in the implementation of weatherization measures that further improved energy efficiency, contributing to long-term cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

A crucial aspect of the project involved meticulously coordinating the relocation of tenants during the renovation of their respective apartments. This careful planning and execution ensured that the residents’ comfort and well-being were prioritized throughout the construction process.

By combining the efforts of HP Cummings Construction, Cathedral Square Corporation, Evernorth, and the weatherization contractor, the Kelley’s Field Apartments project successfully transformed the elderly housing units. The incorporation of sustainable and energy-efficient features not only enhanced the living conditions for the residents but also aligned with the broader mission of creating environmentally conscious and resilient communities.

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Photo credit Katie Forleo