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Grafton DOC main lobby, credit SMRT Architects crop

Grafton County Department of Corrections

N. Haverhill, New Hampshire

Project Type: General
  • OWNER: Grafton County
  • CIVIL ENGINEER: WSP (Formally The Louis Berger Group)
  • KITCHEN/LAUNDRY CONSULTANT: S1 Food Service Consulting (Formally L. Schroeder Consulting, Inc.)
  • CONSTRUCTION COST: $27.7 Million
  • COMPLETED: 2012
  • AWARDS: ACA-accredited and PREA-compliant design

This new correctional facility, spanning an impressive 94,000 square feet, replaced an outdated facility constructed in the late 1800s. Prior to commencing the construction phase, we were involved in preconstruction services for two and a half years, meticulously planning and preparing for the project. The detention area within the facility serves several hundred inmates, emphasizing the significance of its design and construction.

In determining the optimal building method, extensive analysis led us to construct the facility using masonry CMU (Concrete Masonry Units) rather than pre-cast cells. This choice proved to be effective in achieving the project’s objectives. Notably, the electronic access control system required approximately eight miles of conduit, ensuring comprehensive security measures throughout the facility.

Energy efficiency was a core focus throughout the construction process. The building features mechanical systems powered by geothermal wells, consisting of an impressive network of 92 five-hundred-foot wells. This geothermal system provides sustainable heating and cooling, supported by a ground-source heat pump that utilizes water-to-water heat exchange. Gas-fired boilers serve as supplemental heating sources.

Furthermore, the kitchen within the facility incorporates an energy-efficient exhaust system, refrigeration units, and a water heating system. These features align with the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) criteria for energy-efficient design and functionality, further emphasizing the commitment to sustainability.

The Grafton County Departments of Corrections project showcases our dedication to delivering high-quality, energy-efficient, and secure facilities. The construction of this modern correctional facility not only addresses the functional needs of the correctional system but also prioritizes environmental responsibility and sustainable design practices.

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Photo Credit:  SMRT Architects