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Colonial Village Apartments

Bradford, Vermont

Project Type: Housing
  • OWNER: Downstreet Housing & Community Development
  • ARCHITECT: S2 Architecture
  • CIVIL ENGINEER: Summit Engineering
  • STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: J.I.H Structural Engineering
  • MECHANICAL ENGINEER: Innovative Consulting Engineering
  • ELECTRICAL ENGINEER: Engineering Services of Vermont
  • CONSTRUCTION COSTS: $3.4 Million
  • COMPLETED: 2017

The Colonial Village project focused on the rehabilitation of four buildings in Bradford, Vermont, comprising a total of 21 apartments. These buildings consisted of both senior and family housing and had previously served as affordable housing units. Downstreet acquired the apartments in 2015 with the objective of preserving their affordability and revitalizing the housing.

The project entailed extensive efforts, including the relocation of all Colonial Village tenants to comparable accommodations to facilitate the renovations. Through these renovations, the project successfully preserved the project-based subsidy aspect of the properties, ensuring their long-term affordability. The rehabilitation work also extended the useful life of the buildings by at least 20 years and introduced improvements to enhance operational efficiency and energy performance across all units.

The Colonial Village project stands as a testament to the commitment to affordable housing and the revitalization of existing properties. By preserving affordability, extending the lifespan of the buildings, and improving their energy efficiency, this project has created sustainable and comfortable housing for the community for years to come.

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