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Green Mountain College: Biomass Plant

Poultney, Vermont

Project Type: Education

The Green Mountain College Biomass Plant project involved a significant transformation in the campus’s heating infrastructure. The existing central heating plant, which relied on #6 fuel oil, was replaced with a state-of-the-art biomass plant. With an investment of $1.3 million, the project included the installation of Chiptec biomass 400hp boiler equipment and a 150kw steam turbine.

The site work presented various challenges, particularly due to the footings being below the water table. Additionally, the project required the removal of oil-contaminated soils in a confined area, necessitating the implementation of shoring techniques for safety and stability. Furthermore, as part of the project, certain equipment within the existing boiler room system was upgraded to enhance overall efficiency and performance.

The introduction of the biomass plant marked a significant milestone in the college’s commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. By replacing the primary heating system with biomass technology, the campus reduced its reliance on fossil fuels and embraced a more renewable and eco-friendly energy source. This transition not only contributed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions but also demonstrated the college’s dedication to promoting cleaner and greener energy solutions.

The Green Mountain College Biomass Plant project stands as a testament to the institution’s proactive approach in adopting sustainable practices. By embracing biomass technology and addressing the site’s unique challenges, the project successfully transformed the campus’s heating infrastructure, aligning with the college’s mission to prioritize environmental responsibility and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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