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Middlebury College: 3 South Street Renovations

Middlebury, Vermont

Project Type: Education, Green Building and Housing

This project involved adding an addition and renovations to 3 South Street at Middlebury College. This project included the construction of a new stone terrace, first-floor meeting, and living space with a residence above. The renovations included the installation of geothermal wells for heating and cooling and the installation of a solar array that produces 20% of the building’s electrical needs.

To achieve the LEED certification, this project had to meet or exceed numerous requirements amongst seven categories, including sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality, innovation in design, and regional priority credits.

This project received LEED Platinum certification and an Efficiency Vermont Honor Award for Commercial Major Renovation.

Comments regarding the blower door test results:

“It is very rare that I inspect an existing or new construction building that has the attention given to air-leakage control work as is being done at the President’s House at Middlebury College. HP Cummings is one of the very few companies that has taken “ownership” for responsibility of this new trade in construction, Pressure Plane Integrity… HP Cummings has invested in equipment that is required for professionals in the air leakage-control trade. You have also invested in the education to create knowledgeable/competent crew leaders and technicians doing the air-leakage control work. I have watched and participated in your progress over the last decade.
It was a pleasure showing up at this job site and seeing the positive results of your investments.”
– John Unger-Murphy, Murphy’s Cell-Tech, LLC

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Photo credit Sally McCay